Sanube develops and manufactures customer-specific warning signs or light carriers. These are adapted to the conditions of the customer vehicle. A wide variety of designs are possible.

Base plate
  • Steel in various strengths
  • Aluminium in various thicknesses
  • Stainless steel in various thicknesses
  • Plastic (injection moulding or rotational sintering)
Warning foils
  • Foil type 1 approved according to DIN 11030/TPESC-A
  • Film type 2 approved according to ECE R104/TPESC-B
  • Film type 3 approved according to DIN 11060/TPESC-B
  • galvanized
  • KTL coated
  • Powder coated
  • LED lighting
  • Incandescent lighting
  • with or without reflectors
  • various connectors


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