Trailer Technology is our success!


We at SANUBE GmbH want to be the leading manufacturer of vehicle components and lighting systems for towed vehicles and working machines.


The stable quality of our trading performance is the basis of our long-term successful business activity. For us, quality means fulfilling and, if possible, exceeding both the expressed and the unspoken customer expectations. In this sense, our quality is an important criterion for our customers in their purchase decisions, order placement and long-term customer relationships. Sanube GmbH always acts in the interest of its customers and is a reliable partner for you. Sanube GmbH also cultivates a partnership relationship with its suppliers, as these are an indispensable component.

All employees are anxious to guarantee a permanently high quality in the interest of the customers. In order to support our employees and the management and to guarantee this, the attendance of training courses and advanced training in quality management is clearly regulated.

All processes are transparent and clearly defined. They are subject to a continuous improvement and further development process with the aim of achieving and continuously improving the satisfaction of our customers. If new processes are introduced, these are immediately documented and the documents are directed accordingly in order to ensure a permanently high quality in all areas. Our understanding and awareness of quality as well as the attitude of all employees towards quality are prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers, a long-term business relationship with our customers and thus for the lasting success of Sanube GmbH.

Our quality policy is determined by the management. The management has committed itself to consistently apply and continuously improve the quality management system. The quality policy is checked annually for its expediency and appropriateness and adjusted if necessary. Our quality policy defines a framework for the presentation of our quality objectives. In order to check the quality management system and to document the quality striving of Sanube GmbH, the management has decided to obtain certification according to ISO 9001:2015.


Our high demands on the quality of our products and services ensure our long-term success in our markets.
(Share of regular customers, complaints, ...)

We deliver fast, safe and reliable.

at the customer: (time delay, delivery time per order (lighting), ...)
with the supplier: (adherence to delivery dates, complaints, ...)

We have solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
(Hit rate, ...)

Our well-trained employees are competent and responsive partners.
(Training days/employees, ...)

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