ISO 9001 certification complete.

Increase in customer satisfaction

In order to further develop ourselves and meet the constantly growing requirements of our customers, management decided to steer the ISO 9001 certification some time ago.

Continuous improvement of processes

The self-developed and optimized processes for error avoidance help us to reduce costs, increase the quality and thus ensure increased customer satisfaction.

With our documentation, we can always prove our commitment to quality. Tools for improvement are constantly introduced and optimized. The clear structure of the procedures increases the understanding of the employees and facilitates the training of new staff.

Increase performance in our production

We are already observing that we have been able to reduce the duration of inquiries and complaints and increase productivity. Similarly, workflows for ongoing improvement were introduced. Through process descriptions, we avoid redundant work on the one hand and failures on the other.

The Sanube ISO 9001 Certificate as PDF