About Us

Company SANUBE is a leading manufacturer of automotive components and lighting systems for towed vehicles or machinery.

All parts are made by competent persons / backers who know the market and its conditions very well. Through permanent internal and external trainings highest quality products can be produced, guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction.

A corporate strategy of our company is the development and continuous technical development of our high-quality products and this is the company Sanube secure in the future the importance that we have already secured for our existing and future customers.


Quality is a very important element in SANUBE home.

We identify with our products and they will continue to make with the utmost care.

The ISO9001 has already been successful in our production in Hungary introduced in mid-2014 and is already successfully working according to these guidelines. The work Austria also has been working according to these specifications and certification is planned for the 2015th


Continuously new parts are being developed both in Fahrzeugbauteile-, as well as in the light parts of the plant area.

Most of them are developed in close collaboration with our customers and also at their request.

We see ourselves as "external development agency" our customer or partner and attach great importance to partnership relations.