Our developers daily job is to bring new innovative lighting products to the market and improve the existing ones according the requirements of our customers.


As a manufacturer the advantage of Sanube is that you get your products directly from the production company without the margin of a trading company. As a manufacturer we are also able to adapt products to the customers needs or do complete custom developments.


Use our knowledge in the trailer lighting market to your advantage! We are happy to help.

Vehicle lighting directly from the manufacturer

The company is a leading manufacturer of SANUBE vehicle components and lighting systems for towed vehicles or machinery.

All parts are made by competent persons / backers who know the market and its conditions very well. Through permanent internal and external trainings highest quality products can be produced, guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction. Do not use the middleman and get the benefits that brings a direct collaboration with the manufacturer. Besides the cost, you can save, you also have a direct line to development and may incur for special requirements on our years of experience in the development and production of vehicle components and vehicle lighting.

[] Sanube LED ROM IV

Full-LED lamp ROM IV

at Sanube we use at all times state of the art technology to develop and produce our products. This is also the reason for the new ROM IV Full-LED lamp for trailers. It is the first LED-Trailer lamp with integrated electronics to prevent errors with flasher bulb detection in the trailing vehicle. Read more...